Truck fire on Newell Highway, south of Narrabri

A truck driver has escaped unharmed after the B-double he was driving erupted into a fiery blaze on the Newell Highway, about 10 kilometres south of Narrabri, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Emergency services were called to the incident, which occurred on the Newell Highway at Bohena Creek, 10km south of Narrabri, just after 1.30am on Monday, August 27.

Multiple units from Namoi-Gwydir Rural Fire Service and Narrabri Fire and Rescue attended the scene, where they were confronted with the rear trailer of the B-double engulfed in flames which were spreading to the front trailer.


Narrabri Fire and Rescue Station Commander Shane Bradford said the truck driver was able to disconnect the prime mover from the trailers.

“The boys had to cut the fire from the first trailer to the second,” he said.

“There were also major explosions with the tyres and air suspensions going off.”

Namoi Gwydir NSW RFS Superintendent Michael Brooks said it’s believed the rear trailer caught alight as a result of a wheel bearing failure.

“Firefighters were able to save the front trailer but the majority of the back trailer and the mixed load was destroyed,” he said.

Firefighters worked until 6am to extinguish the blaze, during which time the Newell Highway was closed.

“The nature of the load and the way it was stacked was making it very hard to extinguish,” Superintendent Brooks said.

The highway is currently open, however traffic is affected in both directions while emergency services and Roads and Maritime Service attempt to salvage the vehicle.

Drivers are urged to reduce speed and exercise caution.

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