Boars ladies league tag team cling to hope for grand final in leadup to clash against Inverell

Boars ladies league tag team surround coach Mark McGrady.
Boars ladies league tag team surround coach Mark McGrady.

Moree Boars ladies league tag will be laying all their chips on the table this Sunday, as the team takes on the Inverell Hawks in the grand final qualifier.

“They [the girls] know what they’ve got to do this weekend: we’ll be working on more defence patterns during training this week,” ladies league tag coach Mark McGrady said.

The game at Inverell will be the team’s last shot to play in the grand final, after their shock upset to Glen Innes Magpies last Sunday.

“I think my girls played well throughout the game, I can’t fault them on anything,” McGrady said.

Teammate Lena Smith broke the Magpie’s defence line early in the first half of the game, though a misplaced ball drop before the try line cost the team vital points.


The girls quickly turned things around and a followup from Lena Smith and Kirstie Boney brought the team to a 12-2 advantage at half-time.

Averse winds and disagreeable calls from the referee in the second half put the Boars on the backfoot.

“There were pretty strong winds blowing in one direction all day. One of the kicks from Glen Innes only reached the halfway line, but the wind carried the ball all the way to the end of the field,” McGrady said. 

“I don’t even think the team made it into the 10 metre line in the second half.”

On the back of the 18-12 loss, McGrady said the team were hopeful for a win against Inverell on Sunday.

“There has been full commitment from the girls this year. We are where we are because of their hard work at training.

“There is the odd girl or two who might not be able to make it to training some weeks, but that’s because they’ve got work or mum commitments. I’ve got a pretty good team with me.”

McGrady said the focus and determination was there, but the team would shortly find out if that is enough this weekend.