Dragon Phoenix host Shaman King for healing demonstrations

Taking care of yourself not only means eating well and exercising regularly, but also looking inwards. In some cases, your mental well-being might be off kilter with appearances. Master Leo Shi Ran Fang offers a remedy to get you back on track. 

“The Yin Yang Harmonising Therapy is a non-chemical treatment that focuses on restoring your mental well-being and giving you satisfaction in life,” he said.

Georgie Chiu has offered to host the Master of Chinese traditional medicine at his Dragon Phoenix Resort for free healing demonstrations. 


Master Leo Fang will visit Moree on Thursday July 19 and lead his demonstrations on Yin Yang Harmonising Therapy over the course of five-days.

A two bed bedroom at the Dragon Phoenix.

A two bed bedroom at the Dragon Phoenix.

Master Fang is well-known in his home country, China for his skill and expertise in the field, and has taken on the title of Shaman King.

With plenty of practice in acupuncture and dealing with over 1,000 herbal medicines, Master Fang has quickly made a name for himself. 

He set up TK Health DD in Sydney where he delivers his trademark Yin Yang Harmonising Therapy. The therapy is a departure from western medicine and focuses on the restoration of the human energies.

“I believe that God is everywhere and that a person’s energy is very important. The therapy I practice heals the body all over,” Master Fang said.

Master Fang invites anyone who is looking for improved mental well-being to come to one of his free workshops at 3pm.

Anyone interested in trying it out can organise an appointment through Georgie Chiu on 0439 888 990 or 0452 629 599.

While Mr Fang will visit Moree for his own purposes, Mr Chiu put up his resort as the perfect addition to complement a healing stay.

An open plan lounge room and living room.

An open plan lounge room and living room.

The Dragon Phoenix Resort has been offering unmatched luxury to visitors since its multi-million dollar renovation a year ago. 

According to Mr Chiu, there is one thing that sets his resort apart from others in Moree.

“It is the only place in Moree where residents can access the warm, spring water in their apartments,” he said.

While the complex contains a state of the art Indoor Spa and Sauna facility, residents can opt in for a more private dip in the healing waters in their own bathroom.

Each of the 34 apartments come fully furnished with an open-plan living room and kitchen, perfect for entertainment value. A laundry room and air-conditioning also come with the package. 

Marilyn and Roger Armstrong have been to Moree before, but it was their first visit to the Dragon Phoenix.

The pair rated it as one of the best holiday resorts in town.

A fully-furnished kitchen, ideal for eating in.

A fully-furnished kitchen, ideal for eating in.

“It is tops. The service is really good and there is a feeling of luxury to it,” Marilyn said.

Mr Chiu said that he plans to boost the number of people who visit his complex and will introduce long-distance transportation services in the near future.

“There will be a coach sent down to Sydney, to pick up people from Central Station, Hornsby and Cabramatta.”

A one-bedroom, two person retreat will set the couple back $200. 

Reception is open 24 hours every day and the premises are well protected with security fences.