Burst water main on Gwydir Street, Moree shuts down Balo 61, affects Coles

A number of businesses in Moree were affected by a burst water main on Thursday.

The water main burst along Gwydir Street mid-morning on Thursday, July 12, causing flooding along the sidewalk near Coles and onto the road.

Half of the road along Gwydir Street, near the Balo Street intersection was closed while Moree Plains Shire Council workers worked to drain the water.

As a result of turning off the water main, Balo 61 was forced to close as they were left with no running water.

While Coles remains open, the incident has affected business.

Coles Moree manager Ryan Lumb said no access to water has a significant impact on the smooth running of the business.


“Barbecue chickens are cooked in a steam convection oven, so without water we cannot cook them,” he said.

“Basic processes like hand washing become difficult.

“Everyone has had to go home to use the amentities, disrupting the usual flow of tasks.”

Moree Plains Shire Council are currently working to fix the pipe.