Tennis champs smash the competition out of the courts

Angus Vickery, Andrew Carter, Chris Maunder and Peter Newton. Photo by Moree Tennis Club.
Angus Vickery, Andrew Carter, Chris Maunder and Peter Newton. Photo by Moree Tennis Club.

Team captain Chris Maunder and his crew of tennis stars Angus Vickery, Andrew Carter and Peter Newton have taken out the gong for the 2018 A-Grade Summer competition after they successfully cleared the finals last Tuesday.

“It’s a great team, a great competition and I’m very pleased with the result,” Chris said.

With four players per side, the nine teams from Moree and its surrounds have been playing every Tuesday night since the end of summer for top place on the dais.

“Each game consists of four sets. Two players play the first two sets and the other two members of the team take on the last two,” Chris said.

But it was Chris’ team that finally beat John Hickson’s group in the finals with a six set win over two that sealed the victory.

Chris credited teammate Peter Newton for his help in sealing the competition win.

“He’s a very strong player and his speed and agility is just incredible. The team is fortunate to have him on their side.”

Combined with Angus’ temperament, Andrew’s strong forehand and Chris’ ability to bring out the best in the players, the team made an unbeatable unit. 

Chris also gave credit to Scott Antees for his hard work in setting up the competition.

“It’s a great night competition. It’s one of the best competitions that we’ve had in a long time. It’s well organised and I give all credit to Scott for single-handedly organising everything. 

“He ranked all the players and then divided them evenly into teams so it was a level playing field and each team had a fair go at the competition,” Chris said.

Chris said he hoped to get a winter tennis competition up and running. He will be ironing out the last arrangements to get it off the ground in the coming weeks.

“Scott is busy trying to organise what we’re going to do, the format and getting the numbers. It should be a good competition,” he said.

Anyone who is interested in challenging Chris and his team for the tennis crown can contact the Moree Tennis Club through their Facebook page.