Inverell Woolworths did not have as many angry shoppers as in other areas, with staff taking down telephone numbers

Patient shoppers at Inverell Woolworths branch.
Patient shoppers at Inverell Woolworths branch.

Woolies cash registers stopped working at around 4pm on Monday after a technical outage halted trading.

This is the first time that such an occurrence has happened, however the local Inverell Woolworths handled the situation well with only a few shoppers abandoning their trolleys at the aisles or at  cash registers.

A number waited patiently for the problem to be resolved even though the initial reports stated that it could take an hour, while others left their names and numbers attached to their trolleys with the resolution to return when the problem was rectified. 

Outside, the doors remained closed, but not locked, as an employee explained the problem to shoppers wishing to buy groceries. 

“We’re not working because our system has died,” she explained.

“Who died?” asked one shopper, confused, but relieved when he found out that no lives were at stake. 

Another shopper asked, “What did we do before computers?” 

As trading ground to a standstill at Woolies, other supermarkets dealt with a spike in trading. 

An official comment has yet to be made.

More to come. 


This story Woolies nationwide IT failure has shoppers abandoning trolleys first appeared on The Inverell Times.