A-Grade Boars down Boomerangs in heated second round clash

A-GRADE Boars have walked away from the second round match as victors, after downing the Boomerangs at their home ground on Sunday.

“It was a bloody good win and a great performance from one end of the field to the other. The fact that it was at a Boomerang’s home ground is even better,” Boars A-Grade coach Scott Girard said.

Teammate Stan Swan set the tone for the game, scoring the first touchdown for the Boars. The 34-24 triumph places the team at the top of the table.

According to Girard, it is the first time the A-Grade team has tasted victory against the Boomerangs in four to five years, breaking a serious drought for the team.

“When you’re versing any other team, you’re always playing to your best ability. But when it’s against your rival, you’re giving it everything you’ve got,” Girard said.

Girard praised the Boars’ performance, but openly admitted he was concerned with their defence at the start of the game.


“In light of last week’s game against Tingha Tigers, I felt our defence could be improved. The boys showed they were listening at training, and brought with them a strong defence.”

Dion Dahlstrom stepped in for benched player John Lawton, who will sit out a few weeks after receiving an eye socket injury in the previous game.

“Dion normally plays centre, but this week he filled in at second row. He held the position well, showing great tackling ability,” Girard said.

The recent victory plays in well to the Boar’s 100 year anniversary, as the club is set to celebrate a centenary of sporting. While Girard is pleased with the good start to the season, he said the showdown against the Boomerangs exposed a few weaknesses within the Boars.

“I would like to work on the team’s fitness. Once we have that under wraps, then it’ll be difficult to beat us.”

Girard paid due credit to the Boomerangs for putting up a formidable fight.

“When you go up against the Boomerangs, you know you’re in for a good game.”

The Boomerangs dominated the rest of the divisions. Reserve grade took home a 28-16 win, U18s a 40-16 victory and ladies leaguetag a 24-4 triumph.