Moree Lions Club hosts successful fishing weekend

Moree Lions Club hosted one of their most successful fishing weekends last month.

A total of 29 children registered for the event, held on March 24 and 25, catching 31 fish – the most fish caught at a fishing event this year.

A variety of fish were caught including carp, cod, yellow belly and catfish.

The biggest fish caught was a 75cm long carp.

“We are so proud of the kids who joined us for the weekend, in particular those who love fishing so much they keep coming back,” Moree Lions Club vice president Vicky Lyons said.

“Kids, give a big hug and kiss to your mum and dad and those who brought you fishing.

“The Moree Lions Club intends to apply for further funding for more kids fishing events. So if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the events, please let us know.”

To top off the weekend, the Lions Club received a sweet thank you note from the Hurle family.