Gravesend Public School P&C host 100 Mile Lunch

Foodies flocked to Gravesend on Saturday to treat their taste buds to regional cuisine. 

Dubbed “a huge success” by Gravesend Public School principal Jackie Todd, P&C members worked tirelessly for five days to put the biennial 100 Mile Lunch together.

“The food was exquisite, the company was second to none and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming,” Ms Todd said. She described the three-course meal prepared by local chef Toby Osmand as “a triumph of the taste buds”.  

School leaders Tommy Lysaght and Flynn Kirkby spoke on the night, highlighting the many ways the P&C helps the school. 

“The P&C have raised money to support students by covering travel costs for excursions and sporting events, which we do a lot,” they said. In past years the P&C has purchased reading books, technology and sporting equipment.

“They have working bees, read with students and support classroom programs, come to information nights, interviews and workshop evenings, assemblies, sporting events and catering, the list is endless.”

Funds raised in the Long Lunch will go towards building an alfresco kitchen at the school.

“The kitchen will provide us with a space to heat our lunches in winter, a place to store our dairy in summer and to host cooking lessons and workshops, not just for us, but for our families as well,” Tommy and Flynn said.

“We want to learn to cook so we can make our favourite foods, help mum and dad at home and have a life-long skill we will use, frequently.”

The space will also be used by the Student Representative Council (SRC) to run cooking day fundraisers and the P&C for catering during events.