Moree Pipes and Drums perform at Armidale Festival and Maclean Highland Gathering

Moree Pipes and Drums band. Photo courtesy of Sam Biggs.

Moree Pipes and Drums band. Photo courtesy of Sam Biggs.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Moree Pipes and Drums, with the local band going on a whirlwind tour through Armidale and Maclean.

The band smashed out their set at the Armidale Autumn Festival, marching in the festival’s parade and competing in numerous competitions.

The three day event has become a staple festival at Armidale since its genesis in 1992. It comprises of carnival rides, stalls, fun runs and a pancake breakfast.

Moree Pipes and Drums took part in the march and mass bands, with Kiah McMahon giving a maiden performance on tenor drums.

Tim Tesoriero, Ben Hunt, Andrew Mack, Lauren Davis and Zeena Tesoriero battled eight other bands at the quintet competition, and followed second behind Maclean Pipe band, and taking away plenty of positive feedback from judges.

“The band was very excited by the particular tune Macrimmons Sweetheart,” Moree Pipe and Drums’ Sam Biggs said. 

Photo by Sam Biggs.

Photo by Sam Biggs.

The competitive run didn’t end there, with the band performing at the Maclean Highland Gathering.

The Council of Pipe bands Australia, NSW Branch promoted a tune writing contest to honour the long and dedicated service of Mr Robert Macpherson.

Lauren David, Olivia Turner, Ryan Macey, Ben Hunt, Nathan Davis and Tim Tesoriero competed in the solo competition, with Olivia taking out third place for Learner Chanter and Tim scoring third for Piping Restricted Piobaireachd.

The band then took to full force in the street march to commence to Maclean festival.

“Unfortunately we were short three competition pipers to be be able to compete for points, however we still took to the field for both the Medley and MSR competitions. The band performed both sets well and received some very constructive feedback from judges,” said Sam.

“Pipe major Tim said he was very pleased with the feedback the band received as it was all things we have been working on in the leadup to the competition, meaning we are on the right track. Although we have a way to go in terms of improvement we also need to gain a few more pipers then hopefully we can hit the competition and field running.”

Sam added Tim was pleased with how the solo performances.

“Olivia smashed her first solo competition and was rewarded for her hard work with her 3rd place. Ryan should also be very proud of his efforts. It was also his first solo competition o the learner chanter and he came very close to placing,” Sam said.

Congratulations was also made to Matt Cosgrove and Olivia Turner who both played the snare drum in the Medley competition with the band participating in their first competition.