Gwydir Industries' 2018 Dancing with the Stars goes off with a bang.

More than 340 people packed into Moree Town Hall on Saturday night for the 2018 Gwydir Industries Dancing with the Stars, which did not disappoint.

The night began with a bang when the mystery celebrity judge was revealed to be non other than Australian pop singer John Paul Young.

The audience went wild when John Paul Young joined The Polypipes on stage for a crowd-stopping performance of his hit single, ‘Love is in the air’.

John Paul Young was then joined on stage by Gwydir Industries clients Jillian Campbell and Adam Love who stole the show with their dance to ‘Yesterday’s Hero’.

The night only got better from there as the six local couples wowed the audience with their well-rehearsed performances.

Jordan Barratt and Paige Miller got the competition underway with an elegant modern dance which set a high standard for the night.

The well-choreographed slow dance featured some impressive lifts and plenty of emotion from Jordan and Paige.

Adam Marshall scored it a seven, Vanessa Parkes gave the performance an eight, and John Paul Young also scored it an eight.

Next couple to take the dancefloor was Donny and Amanda Mealing who performed a sultry tango.

A red light set the scene for their dance, which featured Donny as a male prostitute and Amanda an undercover detective who engaged in a passionate tussle.

Vanessa scored their dance a seven, John gave it a six, and Adam scored it an eight.

Couple number three was Mark Cotter and Della Barnes who gave a crowd-pleasing, upbeat performance to ‘Bust a Move’.

Featuring drop crotch pants, bling, fishnets and even tequila shots, Della and Mark’s dance was a crowd favourite.

All three judges scored their performance an eight.

Couple number four Greg and Rachel Bell cut loose on the dancefloor, giving a high-energy, fun performance to ‘Footloose’.

Their routine featured pelvic thrusts, plenty of kicks, sparkles and great expressions.

Vanessa scored the performance an eight, Adam gave it a nine, and John scored it a nine.

Next to take the stage was Byron Birch and Kendall Tait who gave a fiery, fun and flirtatious performance to ‘Candyman’.

Another crowd favourite, Byron and Kendall began their performance with fire twirling, which set the scene for a fun, high-energy dance featuring plenty of impressive lifts.

Adam gave the first and only 10 for the night, John scored the dance an eight, and Vanessa gave it a nine.

The final couple to take the dancefloor was Oscar and Susannah Pearse who tricked the audience into thinking they were doing a country dance, but in fact took on a passionate pasodoble.

The pair gave a strong, serious performance and looked the part in their impressive costumes.

Vanessa scored them a nine, Adam also gave the performance a nine and John gave it an eight.

In the end, Byron and Kendall scored the most points, winning the Judges’ Award, while Mark and Della proved to be the crowd favourite, winning the People’s Choice Award, followed closely by Oscar and Susannah.