St Philomena's School welcomes new kindergarten students

St Philomena’s School welcomed 44 new kindergarten students for their first day of big school on Tuesday, February 13.

Looking smart in their brand new uniforms and oversized school bags, the new students are beginning to settle in to their schooling lives.

The Moree Champion popped in to visit the new students on Wednesday and asked a few of them what they like about kindergarten so far.

“I like playing in the playground,” Cali Aber said.

Estelle Hartin also said she liked playing in the playground, while Bruce Antees and Poppy Lane said they both like maths.

“I like when I’m in the classroom learning stuff,” Agnes Tighe said.

“It’s really fun, and I really like the songs that we do,” Tori Fernance said.

“I like to draw and play in the playground,” Knox Mulligan said.

“I like to do that too,” Oliver Hawkins added.