Orica Agriculture announce multi-million dollar manufacturing plant for Moree

Orica Agriculture will launch its new fertiliser business by building a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant for urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) in Moree.

Construction of the UAN plant is set to take place next to Broadbent Grain as early as next year, however grain and cotton growers will be able to access transported UAN immediately.

Moree Plains Shire Council mayor Katrina Humphries highlighted the investment as bringing major benefits to the local region, including job creation.

Agricultural hub: Orica Agriculture's Paul Scutt and mayor Katrina Humphries meet to discuss the multi-million dollar manufacturing plant for Moree.

Agricultural hub: Orica Agriculture's Paul Scutt and mayor Katrina Humphries meet to discuss the multi-million dollar manufacturing plant for Moree.

“Employment is a key ‘plus’ for our community – more than 10 permanent jobs together with the potential for more than 20 jobs in the trucking industry represents a good, solid boost,” Cr Humphries said.

Orica Agriculture believe the investment will bring increased competition, as well as secure and consistent supply of liquid and gas nitrogen fertiliser, to growers on the east coast of Australia.

Cr Humphries said Orica’s commitment to Moree was an important catalyst that will encourage other firms and industries to explore the commercial advantages the local region can offer.

“Given our shire’s rural productivity, this is exactly the type of manufacturing enterprise we are keen to attract.

“It’s a great example of commercial players in the supply chain recognising Moree’s unique position in the agricultural sector,” she said.

Moree cotton grower Michael Seery also welcomed Orica’s investment and commitment to ensuring fertiliser supply and competition, and praised the team after running a pilot program on his property.

“Anhydrous ammonia has been a pivotal part of the farming process for our family-run agricultural enterprise over the last 20 years.

“The ability to apply large amounts of nitrogen with relative ease is the reason we have used this product.

“The Orica Agriculture team has been easy to work with; right from dealing with the management team when the concept was first raised, all the way to the transport personnel and the people handling equipment on site. The process was under expert supervision at all times.

“This seamless transition down the supply line gives me confidence in their ability to deliver. I think they will be a great asset to the agricultural community – both irrigation and dryland,” Mr Seery said.

Orica Agriculture senior business manager Paul Scutt said liquid fertiliser was a specialty product used with great success in Western Australia and other markets globally.

“There is a growing interest in the eastern states. 

“We believe the market is ready to embrace the benefits of UAN including precision application during specific crop growth stages, reducing passes over paddocks and the reliance on pending rainfall for incorporation of fertiliser.

“We are building on Orica’s extensive manufacturing footprint and proven track record in safe and reliable transport to provide direct delivery to farm,” Mr Scutt said.

Key resellers will stock Orica Agriculture nitrogen fertiliser products including Precision UAN and Precision Ammonia.

In addition to the new UAN plant, Orica Agriculture will supply anhydrous ammonia from Orica plants in Newcastle, New South Wales and Yarwun, Queensland.

According to Mr Scutt, no solid urea supply will be offered by the company.