SPOTTED: Two unlikely shoppers in Moree

Rescue efforts are underway after locals found two koalas in the Moree CBD this morning.

The mother koala and her baby made their way to a tree located in the car park behind Assef’s.

Moree Plains Shire Council workers were called to the tree to securely cordon off the area while working with local wildlife handlers to try and relocated the two native animals.

Locals and visitors gathered around the tree to see the rare site and take a few snaps.

Although the mother and her baby had made their way high up in the tree, people were still able to take a quick look at the pair before the rescue efforts began.

What a beautiful site.


  • As koalas rely almost totally on the moisture they obtain from the eucalypt leaf they eat, most populations are thus found occupying better quality eucalypt forests close to water courses and more fertile soils.
  • Where koalas are able to live in undisturbed forests free of human interference, the colonies tend to be much healthier and do not suffer the diseases and problems that koalas face who live at the human/bush interface such as urban and rural areas.
  • The number one reason that koalas come into care is because of a bacterial disease called Chlamydiosis. This bacterium can affect the eyes of the koala and/or the urogenital tract. 
  • The second biggest reason for admission to the hospital is koalas being hit by motor vehicles. Depending on the level of trauma to the animals we have a reasonably good success rate with treating this problem.