Services club gets DNA to prevent future break-ins

Moree and District Services Club was given its own unique DNA on Thursday as part of a new security product called DNA Guardian.

Manager Graham James said the technology was more of a deterrent to combat any future criminal activity.

“We recently experienced our third of fourth ram raid. We’ve had two in the last eight years. One time they drove a backhoe through a window and the last time they ran quad runners straight through our front doors.”

After speaking with DNA Security Solutions business development manager Jeffree Murray, Mr James presented the DNA Guardian to the services club board to consider.

He was told to ask neighbouring clubs such as Armidale and Glen Innes their thoughts on the technology since having it installed and one things was clear.

“They highly recommended it,” Mr James said.

The DNA Guardian falls under the category of criminal marking, which allows a 100 per cent conviction rate in court as it gives police forensic evidence to link a person to a specific crime scene.

“Every living thing has its own DNA code and police use DNA from criminals to link them to certain crimes. 

“We’ve reversed that and given the building its own DNA using single strand synthetic DNA.

“It is completely sterile there is no chemicals so anyone who is sprayed with it is actually cleaner afterwards then they were before hand,” he said.

When someone is sprayed with the substance more than 1000 Moree RSL DNA sinks into pores in the skin and will stay there for two months, resistant to water and invisible to the normal eye.

However, once under a black light, the person will glow a very fluorescent blue.

“I’m covered in it now but you can’t see it or feel it; put a black light on me and I’ll glow,” Mr Murray said.

The DNA Guardian has been available for around 12 years now, however it has taken some time to prove itself useful and buyer worthy.

Mr Murray said the wireless connection system can be hidden anywhere or left in plane sight. It covers a 10-metre area and can spray over 25 times without a criminal even knowing they’ve been marked.

“This is a first for the Moree area but we have over 1000 of these units around Australia. We have reduced armed hold ups by over 98 per cent and reduced break and enters by over 75 per cent,” he said.

Mr Murray said the technology was about protecting staff and patrons of any business.


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