Beware - it’s spider season

Did you look into your shoes before you put them on this morning?

You might want to start doing that. 

The weather's warming up and while that means more weekends at the beach and snags on the barbecue, it also means a spider is more likely to be making its home in the pile of clothes you folded last night, or the shoes you left at the front door.

Brendan Crocker, of Brendan's Pest Management, said when it gets warmer spiders start mating.

Female spiders can produce up to 100 eggs at a time.

"You will see more spiders out and about with the change of the season," Mr Crocker said.

"But you also will not see them, and that's the danger."

Mr Crocker said species such as the redback spider could wander inside your home at any time.

"They can end up in your shoes, we advise people to tip their shoes upside down before putting them on from September onward," he said.

"Spiders can get into your clothes and cupboards.

“They can get anywhere so shake your clothes if they have been on the floor." 

Mr Crocker said the best way to avoid an influx of spiders in your yard and house is to keep all areas clear of unnecessary junk.

"They tend to gather if you have a lot of stuff in your backyard,  or if you hoard stuff, if you've got more hidey holes for things you'll find them," he said.

"We recommend people give us a call and we can help get rid of all those annoying pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice and spiders, they all come out in Spring as they want to join you and your Christmas celebrations."

Preventing spider bites

  • Shake out clothing and shoes before getting dressed.
  • Inspect bedding and towels before use.
  • Remove bedskirts. Move the bed away from the wall.
  • Don’t store boxes and other items underneath beds.
  • Be careful handling cardboard boxes (spiders may live under folded cardboard flaps).