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Moree Secondary College’s fabulous show 'Pitch Perfect: The Musical' was enjoyed by all in the community.
Moree Secondary College’s fabulous show 'Pitch Perfect: The Musical' was enjoyed by all in the community.

Marriage Equality

I have noticed recently, that the Moree Champion have published a number of articles, which in my view lean towards been in favour of changing the definition of the marriage act to suit homosexual and lesbian couples. I have also noticed your paper publishes quite a few articles in the opinion section written by authors outside of Moree.  If you receive any, I would love to see more opinion articles authored by Moree locals, including, those which may not be in favour of marriage equality.  I think a balanced approach to reporting and publishing both sides of a debate is a sign of a healthy democracy and a healthy media outlet.

I would hope therefore, that the Moree Champion is not bias in what it allows too go to print, particularly in relation to the marriage equality debate and leading up to the plebiscite vote?

Miles Berghan

Pool problems

Too many young children under the age of 5 are drowning in backyard pools.  Inadequate pool fencing remains a major contributing factor to the issue.

The last thing Royal Life Saving wants to see this summer are devastating deaths.  They are urging people in your area to make this weekend a home pool safety weekend where people check out their home pool from top to bottom.  Too many people don’t realise that if a pool gate is faulty or a fence is faulty, it poses a clear risk to their children’s safety.

Pool gates and pool fences need to be regularly checked.

Ross Woodward, Media Key Managing Director

Pitch Perfect

On behalf of the Pitch Perfect cast I, the musical fairy would like to thank the community of Moree for coming out and supporting Moree Secondary College’s fabulous show, Pitch Perfect: The Musical. We had two wonderful sold-out shows. The students really had an amazing time performing for everyone, and had smile wider than Gwydir.

A big thank you to our sponsors who without, we could not possibly have our amazing performances: * Dipper’s Home Time and Hardware * Woolworths Moree * Adersens Carpets of Moree * Mr Cameron Fearnley * Year 11 Visual Design * MSC Parents and Community Committee * Annie’s Bakery * 61 Balo Street * Mytime * Younique Hair Salon * Gifts on Heber * Sitty’s Spoon * P.O. Hotel * Sullivan’s Newsagency * Dominos * The Discount Drug Store * Mr Robert Birch * Terry at * Fork and Spoon Nursery

We would also like to thank our Principals and school for supporting us in this fantastic endeavor to allow our students to participate in the creative and performing arts projects. A thank you to all staff involved, including; Stevie Drenkhahn, Eleanor Raine, Cassandra Turnbull, TJ Lee, Roslyn Latter, Dan Mani, Ryan Kemp, Jessie-Lee Stewart, Natasha Tuart, Jo Horton, Katey Ellis, Kathryn Mcmillan, Rose Baron and everyone who supported us.

Also, a huge thank to you, our community of parents, guardians and friends. Without your support, we would not be able to provide these amazing opportunities to our students. They had an amazing time and they will cherish these memories for a lifetime!While this year’s musical is over, keep a look out for when we announce next year’s performance, and any extra CAPA projects that our students engage in this year. 

Roz Latter, English/History Teacher