Locals remain wary of NBN

The announcement of National Broadband Network construction in Moree has been met with suspicion by many locals. Works to connect over 4,500 buildings begin in October, most using fibre to the node technology. 

“I'll believe it when I see it,” John Phelps said on the Moree Champion Facebook page. 

“Are they going to charge us for speeds they can't deliver?” asked Anthony Moore. 

Garah resident Dan Welke said that his Sky Muster satellite service kept dropping out. Tycannah’s Paul Francis King called the NBN a joke, while Janelle and Warren Lines said it was “a flop” in Edgeworth.

NBN spokesperson Marcela Balart encouraged locals to tell retail service providers about connection issues, as the NBN is a wholesaler and doesn’t sell services directly to the public.