Dog attacks on the rise in Moree shire

In the last nine months, residents have reported 90 dog attacks to Moree Plains Shire Council (MPSC).

“Take a drive or go for a walk, day or night, and you will come across the Moree Plains’ increasing population of roaming dogs, whether they are strays or left free to wander by their owners,” director of Planning and Community Services, Angus Witherby said.

“Parents have expressed concerns about their kids being able to walk or ride safely; there are problems with dog droppings in front yards and on the nature strips; and there are many instances of dogs getting into fights, chasing stock or mauling other animals; and regrettably, people are also being bitten resulting in serious injuries.”

“No wonder, residents have taken to walking with sticks in hand, in case they must fend off a menacing dog.”

Council is asking the community to help work on the wandering dog problem.

Firstly, animals need to be identified, desexed and registered.

Council received a grant to run a campaign to help with the community’s costs of de-sexing and microchipping dogs and cats, which then reduces the cost of the lifetime registration.

To obtain a voucher, please contact us on 6757 3222; Council have limited vouchers available and the offer will end on June 30, 2017.

Another initiative that will begin in Greenbah, and then rolled out to other areas in Moree and towns and villages across the Shire, is a series of property-to-property inspections by Council’s rangers.

By knocking on doors, rangers can educate dog owners and check animals have been micro-chipped and registered.

They can also check if there are dangerous or menacing dogs in the yard and that they are secured appropriately.

Before we knock on your door, take the opportunity to get your animals micro-chipped and registered before the blitz begins—otherwise a fine of $275 per animal is applicable.

The lifetime registration fee for desexed dogs or cats is $22 for pensioners and $53 for non-card holders.