Tourism Moree ready to launch new brochure

SNEAK PREVIEW: Tourism Moree staff (l-r) Isabelle Clark, Jaymie McDonald, Tammy Elbourne, Ashley McDonald, Rebecca Ginty, Maddison Brazel and Tian Harris with the soon-to-be-released brochure.
SNEAK PREVIEW: Tourism Moree staff (l-r) Isabelle Clark, Jaymie McDonald, Tammy Elbourne, Ashley McDonald, Rebecca Ginty, Maddison Brazel and Tian Harris with the soon-to-be-released brochure.

Moree Plains will be promoted as an attractive destination to visit, invest and potentially live in a brand new tourism brochure, to be launched next Wednesday, April 26.

Every couple of years Tourism Moree releases a new brochure to showcase the wonderful products, services and experiences to be had in the Moree shire, encouraging visitors to not just visit Moree but stay for longer.

“From a tourism perspective our ultimate goal is an increase in overnight stay and yield (or spend) as well – for those who haven’t thought about coming to Moree, it’s to entice them here and when they’re here, to make sure they’re investing in our community,” Tourism Moree CEO Tammy Elbourne said.

“This brochure is available to people when they’re here in Moree, but also it’s important that the brochure is out there in that decision-making stage; it plays a very important role.

“It works two ways – we want to get them here, and then when they’re here they need to know what’s available and where to go.

“It’s one of our major tools that we use to promote Moree Plains. It works in conjunction with our website, app and social media.

“We attend travel and trade shows all over the country and that is the tool that goes to those trade shows, and it gets sent out to a variety of different visitors from all over Australia.”

Ms Elbourne said the staff at Moree Tourism could get up to five requests a day for the brochure, which not only encourages visitors to Moree, but also promotes the shire as an attractive place to live and bring business.

“It’s about creating education and awareness of what we do here and trying to attract new businesses to town and to entice people to relocate to Moree so that we always have a great community of wonderful nurses, doctors, teachers and professionals,” Ms Elbourne said.

Included in the brochure is information on things to see and do and places to eat in town, as well as general information about Moree and the various facilities (such as education and healthcare) and activities it offers.

Artesian water and agritourism are two of Moree’s biggest drawcards, both of which feature heavily in the latest tourism brochure.

While grey nomads have traditionally represented the biggest tourism market, Ms Elbourne said baby boomers are on the rise.

“Baby boomers are just retiring and have a little more income to spend; we see them travelling a fair bit now,” she said.

“Also peer or tour groups seem to be increasing as well.”

Unlike other regional towns, visitation to Moree is increasing, with many people staying for more than one night.

About 60,000 people visit Moree Visitor Information Centre each year and on average, visitors stay for three and a half nights.

“We’re very well positioned on the highway for the travelling market, it’s a very nice stopover,” Ms Elbourne said.

“We get a lot of the Victorian market that travel north during the cooler months, and then come back down at the end of winter.”

The latest brochure has been created based on research conducted into what the consumer wants, and features stylised ads with a crisp, clean approach.

It takes approximately 12 months to create the brochure from start to finish and Ms Elbourne said it’s all thanks to a massive team effort.

“I am extremely proud of the amazing team at Tourism Moree for producing once again our number one promotional tool for the Moree Plains,” she said.

“To produce something like this requires an enormous amount of hard work and they are a dedicated, professional team of young women who are true ambassadors of the Moree Plains.

“All credit to these amazing ladies for their professional and dedicated approach towards their work and their community. Well done and congratulations to Jaymie McDonald, Ashley McDonald, Maddison Brazel, Tian Harris, Rebecca Ginty and Isabelle Clark on a fantastic job.”

About 85,000 copies of the brochure have been printed and will be distributed all over NSW and the country to promote Moree Plains Shire.

The whole community is invited to the brochure launch next Wednesday, April 26 at Moree Visitor Information Centre from 10.30am.

The launch will coincide with the Sydney Travel and Trade Show where it will promote Moree to approximately 60,000 people in attendance. 

RSVP to Tourism Moree on 6757 3350.


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