Sports details from Moree

Moree Veteran Golf Group

February 9 stableford. Winner: Roger Hann, runner-up: Robert Morley. NTPs: 7th Graham Maynard (4m), 13th Errol Lawlor (10.1m, 17th and Pro Pin Errol Lawlor 5.1m). Ball rundown 33 points: R. Hann 39, R. Morley 38, R. Carty 36, D.G. Morre 36, T. Greenaway 36, J. Hannan 35, H. Meppem 35, E. Lawlor 34, G. Maynard 34, G. Kabel 34, D. Martel 33, J. Atkins 33, P. Matthews 33.

Moree Services Club Golf

2BBB, January 22. Winners with 45 on countback were Mark Treloar and Ian Johnston. Runner-up was Luke Hobday and Russell Carty with 45 and the Bradmans went to Sally Carty and Mark Cahill with 37 on count with the ball comp going to 44 or better. Nearest-the-pin on the Jukes and Son Tyre Service 1st was Nigel Nobody, on the Dragon and Phoenix Motor Inn 7th Mark Cahill hit 10.10, Peter LaHaye hit 4.41 on the David Marshall Plumbing Services 13th and Steve O'Hara won the Bill Maidens 17th at 3.56m. The Moree Pumps, Irrigation and Plumbing card draw found Kevin Huggins, Bruce Buckland, Peter Kellett, Russell Carty and Luke Hobday.

Moree Junior Cricket

Division 3. February 11. T & FS Woods with an average of 9.7 (Sam Custance 13, Ben DiDonna 12, Adam Annis-Brown 1-0, Lachlan Maslin 1-3) defeated Landmark with an average of 5.2 (Clancy Adams 13, Callum Ward 11, Jared Hancock 0-3, Jack Farrell 0-3). Mackay’s Earthworks with an average of 4.6 (Callum Cooper 15, Bruce Savage 7, Os Van Velthuizen 3-4, Henry Hayes 1-3) defeated Raine & Horne with an average of 4.1 (Kobie Annis-Brown 19, Chevy Thorburn 13, Caleb Scholl 1-2, Jack McDonald 0-2). Scott Stewart Earthworks with an average of 11 (Luke Annis-Brown 21, Sid Clements 15, Lachlan Muggleton 2-7, Harry Rogers 0-4) defeated Local Appliance Rentals with an average of 7.5 (Ryley Carter 19, Edward Harrison 13, Josh Slacksmith 1-8, Will Sciban 1-9).

Moree Pistol Club

Standard. February 12. Standard: Ken T. 550; Sam T. 534; Charlie R. 466; Glenn R. 440; Andrew P. 418; Andrew McL. 370; Nic B. 352. Next week we are shooting centrefire, sport pistol and service.

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