Moree Discount Drug Store offering free blood pressure checks

HEALTHY HEART: Sue Chittock gets her blood pressure checked by Moree Discount Drug Store pharmacist Elsie Barnes during Red Feb Heart Research Month.

HEALTHY HEART: Sue Chittock gets her blood pressure checked by Moree Discount Drug Store pharmacist Elsie Barnes during Red Feb Heart Research Month.

February is the month of love and therefore the perfect opportunity to check on your heart health.

As part of Red Feb Heart Research month this February, Discount Drug Stores is urging all Australians to make their heart health a priority and proactively check and monitor their blood pressure to ensure any potential heart conditions are detected and managed early.  

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, with an average of 54 heart disease related deaths occurring each day, and someone suffering a heart attack every nine minutes.

Discount Drug Stores around the country, including in Moree, are offering free blood pressure monitoring services for a quick and convenient blood pressure reading.

Pharmacists can also provide a graphed map of results for the patient to take to their doctor to help continually monitor their blood pressure.

Moree Discount Drug Store pharmacist Elsie Barnes said anyone is welcome to come in for a free blood pressure check throughout the year.

“We offer the service for free to anyone in the community,” she said.

“Ideally, it’s for people already diagnosed with hypertension because they’re most likely wanting to monitor it, but also anyone who’s feeling dizzy or light-headed, we’re happy to take it and assess whether it might be cause for a follow-up with their GP.

“All our staff are trained in taking blood pressure and every result will be checked by the pharmacist.”

National Professional Services manager and pharmacist, Stephenie Shea said keeping your heart healthy is important at all ages, monitoring blood pressure is vital in helping prevent and manage heart disease.

“Incremental changes in blood pressure can lead to more serious conditions, so it’s vital to be proactive and check your blood pressure on a regular basis,” she said.

“While it’s important to see a doctor regularly for check-ups, if you’re time poor visiting your local Discount Drug Store is a quick and easy way to ensure more frequent monitoring fits into your busy schedule.

“Our pharmacists can give guidance on what the results mean and liaise with your doctor should referral be required.”

Ms Shea said many are likely unaware that hot summer weather can also impact blood pressure.

“Dehydration can negatively impact your blood pressure,” she said. “Simple changes like reducing your salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption and doing more exercise can help to effectively manage and control high blood pressure.”

With experts expecting high blood pressure cases to increase by 60 per cent, and affecting 1.6 billion people globally by 2025, there’s no time like the present to take advantage of this free Discount Drug Stores service and encourage loved ones to visit too.

“We encourage anyone who hasn’t had their blood pressure checked and who may be worried about high blood pressure to come in for a free and simple check,” Ms Shea said.

“Don’t let a health emergency like a stroke or heart attack be your first sign of high blood pressure. With no tell-tale signs, a five minute check can protect your health and save your life.”


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