"Nomadic" Aussie writer Jenn J McLeod passes through Moree

Since 2014, Jenn has called her caravan home, writing and travelling, and now her writing and travelling is bringing her to Moree. Jenn will spend a week in Moree for a visit to the Moree Community Library as she races towards the deadline on her next manuscript.

“I feel a sense of responsibility to contribute to regional communities by staying in town and offering fiction lovers an opportunity to connect,” Jenn said. 

She will be chatting about her work and writing process, fielding audience questions about her publishing experiences, and discussing the ways that writing for publication varies from writing for pleasure.

“I’ve done quite a few author events and I really enjoy the face-to-face interaction,” she said.

“Writing is a solitary existence in many ways, so at events I get to absorb the energy of book lovers and be inspired to keep writing.”

She said she stopped writing in 2008 for enjoyment, and adopted a more business-like approach after some career advice. 

“(They said) ‘Being an author is half writer and half businesswoman. If you want a career, the businesswoman must come first’,” Jenn said. 

Her career launched, and she dared to dream and embracing the discipline needed to complete a novel.

Jenn set herself the deadline of making her dream a reality before she reached 50, and signed with the Curtis Brown Literacy Agency the day before her birthday.

Within a year, Jenn had a four-book contract Simon & Schuster Australia.

She said the seasons inspire her most.

“Moving to the country years ago first opened my eyes and ears to the wonder, and sometimes the wrath, of Mother Nature,” she said.

“Since opting for the gypsy life in 2014, Mother Nature and I have been getting re-acquainted.”

Jenn realised how many sensations she was missing out on before caravan life, with days mostly spent outdoors, and nights amidst the elements. 

The self-described author and a grey nomad had once dreamed of being an actor, but is content with playing out her prospective novels in her head and out aloud on long solitary drives. Jenn McLeod will be speaking at the Moree library on July 7 at 4pm.


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