Extension of alcohol free zones in Moree, Mungindi and Boggabilla proposed

THE NSW Police Force has applied to the Moree council for several alcohol free zones to be extended in Moree, Boggabilla and Mungindi. 

The council now invites members of the public and representatives of organisations and businesses to make representation, submissions or objections regarding the proposal that they will take into consideration before deciding whether or not the application will be approved.

The police say alcohol free zones assist them to reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour in an area where residents have a high level of alcohol abuse and domestic violence and property damage, burglary, vandalism and car stealing.

Alcohol free zones are zones where members of the public can get charged for physically drinking alcohol, Jacqui Mitchell from the council explained. 

This is on top of the NSW legislation that one can get fines for being drunk or intoxicated in public.

The police say statistical data supports the establishment of alcohol free zones in Moree, Boggabilla and Mungindi, although they mention that the number of non-domestic violence related assaults in 2011 compared to previous years Moree and Mungindi has increased or remained at the same level, while Boggabilla saw a slight decrease.

The police state the data also shows the number of street offences has decreased slightly during the last year in Moree, Boggabilla and Mungindi.

Whether this can be attributed to the alcohol free zones remains guess work and it is not sure whether the data give insight in where the incidents happen in relation to the alcohol free zones.

The proposal includes the inclusion of at least the following zones into the alcohol free zones: 

1. Birrawee Place, Jones Avenue, Florence Street, Tallowood Place, Tea Tree Place, Wilga Place and Anne Street between Edward Street and Wilga Place. 

2. South along Brown Street to South Street, south along McCosker Street to South Street and all streets in between in Boggabilla. 

3. East along Bucknell Street to Caidmurra Street, Kunopia Street, east to Railway Parade and all streets in between in Mungindi. 

To make enquiries or for copies of the draft policy, contact council’s planning and development department during business hours on 6757 3245 or via council@mpsc.nsw.gov.au 

A copy of the proposal can also be downloaded from the website of the council.

Written responses can be submitted to the council by fax (6752 3934), mail (PO Box 420, Moree NSW 2400) or email (council@mpsc.nsw.gov.au} by the deadline of 5pm on August 29, 2013.

The proposed zones in Moree.

The proposed zones in Moree.


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