Wattle Crescent house vandalised in Moree

A Wattle Crescent house fell the victim to careless vandalism on Monday.

The newly-vacant dwelling was left destroyed after offenders broke windows, doors, walls and mirrors.

Wattle Crescent neighbours spoke to the Moree Champion on Tuesday morning appalled at the wreckage left behind.

“A witness walked past the house just before lunch time and saw three young people looking at the house. When he came back after 1pm he saw the smashed windows and broken doors,” the neighbour said.

After walking through the wreckage, they estimated the damage bill would rack up around $20,000 just for materials.

A neighbour said the house had been vacant for only a fortnight.

“This is a perfectly good house that has now gone to waste because of senseless people looking for something to do. 

“What is going to happen now? Is it just going to be boarded up and left as a prime target for arson?,” the neighbour questioned.

The neighbour believed it was not only an eyesore for the rest of the street to look at, but a safety hazard.

More from police to come.